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About G2 Home Services

Learn Everything About Who we are, What we do, and why we do it! Watch the Youtube video, or read about where we came from and who we are below!

Get to Meet the Crew over here on our “G2 Crew” page!

History Of G2

At G2 Home Services we take pride in doing things the right way. Our company was initially established in 2009. At this time, we did not have a clearly defined plan as to what we would do. We started working initially with lending agencies maintaining the influx of foreclosed homes from the real estate crash around that time. Very shortly after we started getting requests to paint or install carpet and quickly realized that we LOVED remodeling. After a few short years working with real estate investors and performing small handyman type projects, we decided to jump headfirst into remodeling and renovations.

Our team is made up of many different people, all with very different personalities. We have military veterans, rookies with no construction experience, tradesman with four decades of experience and everything in between. The reason I brought up the team here is because we are so proud of the work these guys (and gals) do! Our company is slightly different than the makeup of most contracting companies. We start every project by assigning a lead carpenter. Our lead carpenter will be on site each day to communicate with the customer, direct employees, and subcontractors, find solutions to potential problems and ensure the project is proceeding in a timely manner. Each lead carpenter has one or two full time team members, plus we have several floats that work in specialized fields that come and go from these projects.

Gary Heusted is only one half of the team that started G2 Home Services. Along with his father Gary Sr. They decided in late 2009 to start building what is now G2 Home Services. This company has gone through several different renditions, starting with Gary Heusted Property maintenance, Gary Heusted Home Inspections, Gary Heusted Home Improvements, Gary Heusted Home Services and now, G2 Home Services.

About The Owner

Gary is the Chairman and Founder of the G2 Community Youth Foundation. A 501C3 non-profit organizations started in 2023 that helps children in and around Pasco county with the essentials they need to have a successful school career. He is also the current president for BNI Impact Partners in Palm Harbor, a Proud member of the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce, and a business partner with the West Pasco Board of Realtors.

Gary believes to be successful in remodeling, the way the business runs must remain fluid. This allows us to not get set in our ways and keep with the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry. “There are many business’ that have been passed from generation to generation and been successful, then one day the doors close and know one knows why.” Gary thinks this is because traditions tend to be valued more than innovations. You have heard that saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? In his eyes, there is always room for improvement..

Gary has transformed this company from one that mows lawns, to one that turns a homeowners dreams into reality. The reward for this innovative outlook? Gary has built an ever-growing team here at G2 that are more than employees, they’re extensions of himself and his values. 

The G2 Community Youth Foundation